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An exquisite, hand-finished frame that goes beyond the norm.

This couture frame is individually made for you, choose from the array of options and we will hand select and create the finished product.

Hand-made from the finest Italian mouldings in our converted railway station situated in the village of Newbliss (Lios Darac), in Co. Monaghan, Ireland.

Whether purchasing for yourself or as a gift, we hope this couture frame brings many years of enjoyment, enhancing the space surrounding it.

Each Lios Darac frame is hand-crafted uniquely for you. We ask you to choose the moulding (the frame itself), the style of backing, the colour of stand, and the kind of packaging it comes in - either our standard wrapping or a presentation gift box.

Here is a simple guide to show you the process

The Darac Stand

Our frames have two methods of display. You can use our included stand to display your frame on a sideboard, table, shelf. piano, etc.

If you would rather hang your frame on the wall, you can with the included fittings.

Our ingenious stand won't get in the way if you do decide to go with the hanging option, and it won't break or warp in time like some other frame backs. Our stands come in a range of colours so you can decide to have an inconspicuous means of standing your frame or choose a colour pairing that works for you. Go on, make a statement.

The Darac Back

Traditional Victorian framing methods involved sealing the back of frames with brown paper. This had the proposed benefit of protecting the interior from dust, but also had the secondary benefit, for the framer, of masking any marks or unsightly nails used to fix the picture inside the frame.

Our backs are reminiscent of the Victorian practice showing a timeless style. But they allow easy access to your picture if you'd like to change it in time. You can opt for our traditional, stylish, fleur-de-lis, or go for a more daring approach with one of our range of patterned, illustrated designs inspired by William Morris.

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